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Who is Looxi?

Looxi Beauty, pronunciation ( /lo͝ok/- /sēē/), was started in June 2015 by fellow makeup enthusiast, Jessica D. 

Jessica's vision for Looxi has always been to invent the trends, not follow them. Like many, she grew weary of what seemed to be repetitious colors and shades being released. She began experimenting with colors and came to this conclusion: the reason that truly beautiful shades were not being created, was because they were being created by labs, not makeup lovers. She wanted to change that and thus, Looxi was born.

Looxi Beauty sets itself apart by offering the highest quality cosmetics at affordable prices. Looxi Beauty also prides itself on bringing artisan cosmetics to its' customers and never selling/ offering private label. We are a 100% cruelty free brand and have been from the beginning. We also believe that a great customer shopping experience and customer service are paramount, and are continually making improvements to provide our customers with these necessities. 

Jessica and the Looxi Beauty team are extremely grateful and appreciative to all of our awesome customers and supporters who have made this possible. You are the faces of Looxi! Thank you!